We believe there’s a proven method to turn great ideas into thriving businesses. It all starts by figuring out exactly what you need. A Discovery Workshop is a three-hour session with a hand-picked team of a LookFar developer, designer, and marketer to cover a few important details including:

Ten days later we’ll deliver a custom Product Plan, which summaries everything discussed in the Discovery Workshop and includes breakdowns of the feature sets with associated pricing.


Think your startup might be ready for a Discovery Workshop?

Our Sales Team will be in touch shortly. In the meantime, check out our blog below for resources on getting your pitch deck and informational materials ready.


"The Discovery Workshop helped me tremendously. Not only did I walk away with a much deeper understanding of my potential customer, their purchasing habits, and the technical stack of my product, I was also given tools to better structure my thinking in the future. I can't recommend it enough."

-Sam Bowler, Culturalyst

“I’m a second generation owner of a multi-million dollar company so I thought starting a new venture would be somewhat simple. I quickly realized that managing an existing business and starting a new venture are two different animals. The LookFar Workshop afforded me the opportunity to work with experts in web design, marketing and business strategy to create a product development plan that is lean but also effective. I highly recommend this workshop as a launching pad to your new enterprise.”

-Jason Burns, QCS Logistics

“I was recommended to LookFar by a fellow entrepreneur and mentor of mine. I did both the Growth Workshop and the Branding Workshop, and I am really happy that I did. LookFar helped me realize options and possible strategies for my startup that my team and I hadn't thought of before. Best part of it all is that they treat your startup as if it was their startup. ”

-Sheena Allen, Sheena Allen Apps


// The Four-Hour Meeting You Won’t Hate

Posted by Lindsay Fox on Oct 22, 2015 10:42:00 AM

// “The M&Ms are the reasons that nobody gets any work done at work.” - Jason Fried, Co-founder & CEO of Basecamp

He’s right; managers and meetings are often the culprits of draining available time. The common denominator between the two? Talking - too much talking and not enough working. However, there are times when talking through things at length is not only beneficial, but also necessary for the success of a business. 

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// How to Tailor Your Pitch Deck: Changes to Make when Pitching to Different Audiences

Posted by Crystal McDonald on Mar 17, 2016 12:48:29 PM

// Rolling with the Pitches

There are pitch decks – and then there are damn good pitch decks. 

Let’s go back to school and start with the basics. What is a pitch deck in the first place? It’s a brief presentation used to provide your audience with a quick snapshot of your overall business plan.

That’s it. 

Now…how can you make it good? 

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