Welcome to the Startup Hub

Garage offices are a long-established part of the entrepreneur experience, right up there with late nights and multiple pivots. But there comes a time for every growing company to leave the nest. If you find yourself longing for a new home address – and maybe a 17th floor view – you’ve come to the right place.

LookFar is extremely proud to present our newest office expansion: The Startup Hub. Furnished, decorated, and wifi-d, the only thing it needs now are some entrepreneurs.

Residence Includes:

  • Placement at Startup Hub desk or table


  • Access to Hub whiteboards, storage lockers, and internet


  • Access (upon request) to LookFar meeting rooms


  • Use of LookFar amenities including pool table, cantina, gym, coffee makers, and (on special occasions) beer




All LookFar partners are eligible for placement in the Startup Hub. If you're interested in becoming a resident and would like to know about the next steps to take, fill out the form below to learn more.

See you in the Hub!

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